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Comments (7)

Looking foward! :)r

Nice, keep up the good music!

lol your music rocks. I downloaded all ur shit on bandcamp, and it's very good

Thanks mate, it means a lot! Enjoy the music ?

Ooh, congrats! I think I only have one track out on spotify in Russian. I released through distrokid a while back. Remind me to follow you and I'll get to it tomorrow :)

So, about that follow... ?

(You totally don't actually have to follow me, lulz)

Yeah, we released through OneRPM and CDBaby. I think they're all pretty similar, though CDBaby's pre-save campaign stuff seems ok... All this digital marketing stuff can feel like a lot of work though.

Funnily enough our music seems to get a little attention in Russia! I've had a couple of people use our stuff in short films and the like.

@Octo Oh, that was meant to be an exclamation mark lolol

Following anyway. My wife will probably appreciate it :P

Distro Kid was a simple way to get everything out there for. I wasn't sure what I wanted since I needed to officially release a metal remix and translation of a J-Pop song, Dream Fighter, without violating someone's copyright. A cover license fee ran me 12 bucks, annually. Did CD Baby let you draft your own posts for releases and such? I chose not to do anything fancy out of pure lack of motivation to advertise my own stuff. DK gave me a one stop shop, mass distribution package.

You know, I actually see why you'd be popular in Russia just from listening to what Spotify thinks is similar. There's a huge underground Russian scene with similar aesthetics, and a lot of Russians actually enjoy English music, which is ubiquitous on the platform. You actually have a leg up against Russian artists in that regard. Russian even borrows a lot of English words, phrases, and trends, now that the language purity movement has largely fallen away with the collapse of the USSR. To fill the vacuum, doomer pop, doomer rock, doomer wave and all sorts of combinations of the above, with brootal themes, have always existed but are all the rage. I think you'd do really well with that crowd.

If you want a taste of what I'm thinking of when I say doomer rock, try Goryemyka - Durak. Someone who likes a song about how he would rather be torn to shreds by wolves than go to the disco would probably like a group called HearsePileup :P

Yeah I hear ya there, CDBaby did offer me the pre-save stuff (a pre-release website allowing people to save it on Spotify in advance. You probably already know that but it was news to me at the time - I don't really use Spotify). Not sure about much else; it did give me cross platform distribution though. I looked up Dream Figher and realised I knew it hahaha; I quite like Perfume ?

I tried searching for "Goryemyka - Durak" online and didn't really get any search results; I'm really curious to hear this though!

Ooh, I'll have to see if DistroKid has something similar. That sounds really nice. With time of course I'm sure people will have to resort to fancier sites, as the e-store format is pretty cookie cutter from what I've seen, but I'm always excited to see a friend pop up with an official looking little site. There is hope :D

Here's that video, let me know if it doesn't work for you https://youtu.be/G9GmLeTO1jM

If you like this, you might enjoy a slightly more upbeat but still wistful На Заре (Na Zare), which means "at dawn"

Also surprised to meet another Perfume fan! I thought they were pretty niche. Did you know they're still around? I saw some new videos of theirs and had to show homage. I did a Russian metal remix based on the Japanese lyrics